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  • Christmas Potpourri Hangar Front

    Art - Christmas Potpourri Hangers

    This is a beautiful, useful Christmas craft.  Although this activity needs adult help for gluing, I have safely done this activity with grades 1 and 2.  We collect clean metal lids and bits of ribbon … View Full Lesson →

  • Christmas Rudolph Art

    Art - Christmas Rudolph

    Have students make a Christmas Rudolph that mom or dad will love to keep forever.  Students trace their foot for the face and trace their hands for the antlers.  Big brown eyes and a giant … View Full Lesson →

  • Christmas Tree Ornament Art

    Art - Christmas Tree Ornament or Gift Tag

    Have students practise reusing old Christmas cards, bits of yarn or ribbon, and frozen juice lids to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. The only thing you need to add are the small doilies and the … View Full Lesson →

  • Standing Snowmen

    Art - Standing Snowmen

    By cutting and folding four snowmen, then gluing the halves to other pieces, students get Standing Snowmen.  All four snowmen can be decorated differently or all the same.  The bottom of them all is flat, … View Full Lesson →

  • Butterfly Magnet

    Math - Butterfly Magnet

    This painting activity helps reinforce the concept of symmetry while creating a useful gift from a empty pop bottle.  Butterflies can be used to hold pictures and lists on the fridge or can decorate the … View Full Lesson →

  • Capitals and Periods

    Writing - Stop and Go: Capitals and Periods

    This is a fun and memorable way to remind students that sentences always begin with a capital and end with a period.  I use 1/2 inch sticky labels in red and green to help students … View Full Lesson →

  • El Greco - Drawing Tall People

    Art - El Greco: Drawing Tall People

    Making a masterpiece like El Greco’s tall figures is easier for students when they use a magazine picture and cut it apart to   s-t-r-e-t-c-h   it.  They trace over it to end up with a … View Full Lesson →

  • Onomatopoeia Worksheet Screenshot

    Writing - Onomatopoeia Poems

    A fun writing activity that solidifies students’ understanding of onomatopoeia.  They become more aware of the sounds of words and objects.  Spoken sounds are surrounded by quotation marks.  After reading a short story, students retell … View Full Lesson →

  • Spill Your Guts Review Cards

    Health and Nutrition - Spill Your Guts (Review Game)

    This is a review game for any subject.  Using leftover pieces of bristol board or heavier paper scraps (free from printing shops), question and answer cards are made.  Teacher can do this in every subject … View Full Lesson →

  • Art Lesson - Picasso Portraits

    Art - Picasso Portraits

    This art activity will take two sessions to finish.  Once the paintings are finished, they need to dry before they are cut up into “Picasso Portraits”.  (This second session will not take long.)  In this … View Full Lesson →