Category: Spelling

  • Shaving Cream Printing

    Shaving Cream Printing

    Practise spelling words in a whole new way…have students write them in shaving cream!!!  Students will love this fun game.  Use this method to practise spelling words, Dolch words, word wall words, and even the … View Full Lesson →

  • Fly Swatter Spelling

    Objective: Learn spelling words

  • Make a Word Race: Class Teams

    This team race encourages students to help each other master spelling any words that need practise. Encouragement is emphasized, and team work is necessary to “build” each word. The team builds the word, not just one student, so that all learning levels can participate and feel good about their progress. View Full Lesson →

  • Team Spelling

    Materials: blackboard two pieces of chalk two teams of students taped starting line on the floor about 10 feet from the blackboard

  • Spelling Race

    Objectives: learn spelling words Materials: scrap paper cut or ripped into 2-3″ squares, each with a different letter on it, one letter for each of the spelling words (eg. for the word “any”, the student … View Full Lesson →