Spelling Lesson Plan: Make a Word Race: Class Teams

Learning Objectives:

  1. Practise spelling words
  2. Master spelling words


  1. cut re-used paper to make 2″ X 2″ squares of paper
  2. smelly markers to print each letter of each spelling word (eg. “any” would be printed “a”, “n”, “y” on 3 papers)
  3. masking tape for starting line
  4. blackboard and chalk with “Team 1” and “Team 2” in chart form for scorekeeping  (I try to end the game when both teams are tied or very close.  Have teams practise using tally marks.)


  1. Print each letter of each word on separate pieces of paper, TWICE, to make 2 sets of letters for each word.
  2. Place one set of letters at the front right of the classroom, and the other set of letters at the front left of the classroom.  Tell Team 1 and Team 2 which set is theirs.
  3. Class is divided into 2 teams, who go to the back of the room, behind a masking-tape line.
  4. Teams race to the front of the classroom (to where their pile of letters is) to make the word the teacher calls out, before the other team.
  5. On each team, one person puts one letter in order, then the next person chooses the next letter putting it in order.  Any student can use their turn to make one correction or one change, instead of adding a letter.  NO TALKING about how to build the word, only cheering team mates on with words of encouragement.
  6. When the word is complete, the whole team sits down.
  7. First team to sit down gets to spell their word out loud, to check it.  If correct, someone on the team can record one point for their team on the chalkboard.

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