Spelling Lesson Plan: Fly Swatter Spelling


  1. Learn spelling words

Materials for 4-6 teams of students:

  1. 4-6 fly swatters, 1 for each team (dollar stores)
  2. plastic flies, 1 for each team (pkg. of 30, dollar stores)
  3. 8-12 pieces of scrap paper (previously used paper eg photocopy paper), use remaining side (2 for each team)
  4. one pencil and eraser for each team
  5. blackboard names of teams in chart form (tallies will be placed beneath their names for correctly spelled words)


  1. Each team of students takes their pencil, eraser, one fly, one swatter, and 2 pieces of paper to their spot in the room, on the floor or at a group of desks.  No one holds the fly or swatter; it’s for the one who completes the spelling of the word.
  2. Teacher calls out the first spelling word, uses it in a sentence, then says “GO” and then the students may begin.  Any student may begin.  They print the first letter of the word, pass the pencil to the next person who prints the second letter, then the next person does the third letter, until everyone’s had a turn, then each student will get a second turn.  If an error is made, the next student may use their turn to correct one letter or add one letter.
  3. When the word is complete, the student who completed it SWATS THE FLY AND RAISES THE FLYSWATTER in the air.  Play is stopped by the teacher saying, team so-and-so has the answer first.  Team whatchamacallit is second, team — is third.  Could team so-and-so spell the word please? (whoever completed the word and raised the flyswatter first spells it)  If it is correct, they mark a point for their team on the board.
  4. If the word is incorrectly spelled by team so-and-so,  team whatchamacallit spells it next.  Whoever gets it correct, gets the point.  If no team gets it correct, show them how to spell it, then add the word back on the list to be redone.
  5. Play resumes until all spelling words are done.

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