Math Lesson Plan: Bingo Dabbing By 5′s


Previous experience counting by 5’s


  1. counting by 5’s to 100 (for grade 1’s)
  2. counting by 5’s to 200 (for grade 2’s)


  1. One bingo dabber for each student
  2. Recycled paper, like once used photocopy paper, to use other side for counting by 5’s


  1. Demonstrate to students how to fold paper like a hot dog (length of paper, top to bottom).
  2. Show students how to dab five times across the top left hand of the page, leaving a space just before the fold, then dab five more times on the same line, but beginning to the right of the fold and leaving another space just before the right side of the page.  For example, their page would look like this:
    Grade 1 Counting by 5’s to 100
    Grade 2 Counting by 5’s to  200

    00000   (space) (fold)00000    (space)(edge of paper)

  3. Once students have finished dabbing by 5’s and counting to 100 (Gr.1’s) or 200 (Gr.2’s), they use their pencils to recount and fill in the numbers, counting by 5’s.  For example, their page would look like this:00000         5  (fold)00000     10 (edge of paper)00000       15  (fold)00000     20(edge of paper)00000        25            00000     3000000        35            00000      40
  4. When their page is lined up like this, it’s easy for them to see the pattern and know that their work is correct and they haven’t skipped a number.
  5. This is a really fun practise.  Students love dabbing with the bingo dabbers, plus they have to count twice, once to dab the dots and again to record the numbers.

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