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  • Halloween Candy Counting

    Math - Halloween Candy Counting

    Lots of practise is needed when learning to count to 100, or even 200, and all that repetition may begin to get boring.  The counting time around Halloween NEVER needs to be boring.  There is … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Handprint Counting by 5’s

    Simple worksheet (see below) makes the concept of counting by 5’s very easy to understand.  The layout allows students to see the pattern of the 5’s and 0’s in the one’s column, and the patterns … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Bingo Dabbing By 5′s

    Prerequisite: Previous experience counting by 5’s Objective: counting by 5’s to 100 (for grade 1’s) counting by 5’s to 200 (for grade 2’s) Materials: One bingo dabber for each student Recycled paper, like once used … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Calendar Counting

    Objective: Counting by 2’s.  THIS LESSON CAN BE DONE FOR COUNTING BY 3’s OR 5’S AS WELL.

  • Math - Learning Even and Odd Numbers

    Prerequisite: Students have learned about skipcounting.  eg. You can start at ANY number, skip three, circle that number, skip three, circle that number, skip three, etc. Students know about digits and that the number 10 has … View Full Lesson →