Math Lesson Plan: Handprint Counting by 5’s

Simple worksheet (see below) makes the concept of counting by 5’s very easy to understand.  The layout allows students to see the pattern of the 5’s and 0’s in the one’s column, and the patterns in the ten’s column.  Students love to extend this worksheet to count higher by adding a sheet and drawing their own little hand pictures.


Practise counting by 5’s on classroom Hundreds Chart.  Stress patterns found, digits ending in 0, 5.


Counting by 5’s (Grade 1’s count by 5’s to 100, Grade 2’s count by 5’s to 200)


  1. Grade 1’s, one Handprint worksheet, for counting to 100; Grade 2’s, two Handprint worksheets, for counting to 200, stapled together (see Worksheet below)
  2. Counting by 5’s Worksheet (Grade 1’s count to 100 with one sheet, and Grade 2’s count to 200 with two sheets.)


  1. Tell students they will be helping you and the special person count by 5’s today. Have student of the day come to the front.
  2. Ask all students to raise their hands, fingers outstretched.  Tell students that once they have been counted, they put their hands down on their desk.
  3. Class chimes in with teacher and student of the day as teacher and student of the day go around the classroom counting outstretched hands, tapping each hand as they count, 5, 10 (hands go down on desk), 15, 20 (hands go down on desk), …until they are at the last student…290, 295, 300. (Remind students that while counting it’s one hundred, five/one hundred, ten…..NO ANDS…that’s for fractions)
  4. When done the practise counting, hand students handprint worksheets to complete.  Grade 1’s count on one sheet to 100, grade 2’s do two sheets, counting to 200.

Counting by 5’s Worksheet:

Worksheet for counting by 5’s (PDF)

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