Spelling Lesson Plan: Shaving Cream Printing

Shaving Cream Printing

Practise spelling words in a whole new way…have students write them in shaving cream!!!  Students will love this fun game.  Use this method to practise spelling words, Dolch words, word wall words, and even the alphabet.

Bonus: hands and desks get clean!!!  All you need is a can of shaving cream, a sink full of warm water for cleanup, an old towel or two, and a list of words to practise.  This kind of learning never gets boring!


  1. practise spelling words, Dolch words, word wall words, alphabet


  1. one can of shaving cream
  2. sink or container of warm soapy water
  3. old towel or two to dry hands and clean desks


  1. Spray small amount of shaving cream for each student, on their desk.  Student smooths it out so that it covers an area large enough to print their spelling word.  It will have to be “renewed” two or three times during a session.
  2. Teacher calls out the word or letter, or gets students to print the alphabet, gives them time to print it, then asks for a student to spell it or recite it.
  3. Students check their work, then “erase” it with their hand, then print the next one teacher gives them.
  4. After lesson, students wash their hands and use towel or cloth to wash their desktops.

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One Response to “Shaving Cream Printing”

  1. I do actually do this with my special needs class. Be prepared as this is VERY MESSY! and you must be patient. but the students really have a good time and they actually do learn. The first time you introduce this lesson be sure to be prepared for the students who will “play” in the shaving cream. You need to allow time, as much as 1 hour for 10 words. However they way I do the lesson is put the students in 2 groups (I only have 8 students) and I have them count off by color. Ex: red, green, yellow, blue. Then all the reds spell one word, green another word and so on. So I go through the spelling list 4 times but this way every student at the table is spelling a different word and they can’t cheat.

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