Lessons Tagged As regrouping

  • Math - Hugs and Tallies

    A memorable way for remembering how to make tally marks that equal 5.  Four students stand close together in a row, and a fifth student faces them with outstretched arms and gives them a group … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - One Hundred Things

    I do this lesson at the beginning of math class for about a week or two before the 100th day of class (so we do it at least 10 times), when we count out 100 popcorn … View Full Lesson →

  • Counting With Tally Marks

    Math - Popsicle Stick Regrouping Fun

    Objectives: Learning and practising regrouping Print examples of regrouping in student math journals Learn term names:  minuend take away subtrahend equals difference/answer (for subtraction) and addend plus addend equals sum/answer (for addition) Materials for each group … View Full Lesson →