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  • Domino Adding

    Math - Domino Adding

    A fun way to practise adding numbers to 12.  Using the familiar picture patterns of dominoes, students match ends of two paper dominoes, saying “3 plus 6 equals 9”.  Teacher models reusing photocopy paper, cutting … View Full Lesson →

  • Adding And Subtracting

    Math - Finger Counting

    Hands are used to get students to identify 5 fingers quickly, or 3 fingers, or 7 fingers.  Once students can recognize the number of fingers you are holding up, change it to “what’s missing?”.  If … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Chisanbop (Korean counting to 99)

    Objective: Learn a quick method of adding to 99 with your hands. This really is not that difficult to learn. My grades 1 and 2 could do it. Students love to do Chisanbop. View Full Lesson →