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  • In Flanders Fields

    Reading - In Flanders Fields by John McCrae

    I have had my class memorize this poem, using hand and arm movements to “illustrate” the poem.  This makes it easy for them to remember the words and much more interesting to watch them recite … View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Finding Synonyms

    This lesson can be done with Antonyms (Greek ANT means opposite, NYM means name), and Homonyms (sound the same but have different meanings, eg. pray/prey, pain/pane), and Homographs (sound the same and spelled the same, eg. mail the … View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Rhyming Word Poems

    Use poetry to find and identify rhyming words. Students highlight rhyming words on their own copy of the poem glued in their Poem Book, with each rhyming word pair highlighted in a different colour. View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Become a Word Detective

    This lesson helps students learn an excellent reading skill, to find the small words within a larger, more complex word, helping them to decipher and read the new word. Great for harder math and science words. Ex: together (Find: to, get, her) View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Acting Out Verbs

    Objective: Students identify “action” verbs in their reading. Students think of “active” creative movements for each one. Students get “active” and act out the verbs they find, helping them to remember that a verb is … View Full Lesson →