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  • Stamp Patterning Fun

    Math - Patterning Fun

    Beautiful repeating patterns are created using color, position (up/down), direction (turning), plus a variety of stamps.  Simple enough for grade 1’s but can be used to make quite complex patterns.   Grade 1’s and 2’s … View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - High Five Blend and Word Family Game

    This game will take time to build. As you learn blends and word families, the letter groupings will be added to the shower curtain, one on each hand print. Game can be played after Blends have … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Learning Secondary Colours

    Objective: Learning secondary colours Materials needed for demonstration: Shaving cream paint powder in primary colours (yellow, red, blue) plastic sheeting (clean, old shower curtain) ream of newsprint/cheap paper/ enough for each child to do one mixing … View Full Lesson →