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  • Capitals and Periods

    Writing - Stop and Go: Capitals and Periods

    This is a fun and memorable way to remind students that sentences always begin with a capital and end with a period.  I use 1/2 inch sticky labels in red and green to help students … View Full Lesson →

  • Happy Rock

    Reading - Happy Rocks

    Students are given small, smooth stones with a happy face sticker stuck on one side.  It sits atop a poem, on their desk, on the first day of school.  Who doesn’t like to get a … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Goldfish Bowl

    Objectives: Responsibility for pets Materials: Gallon plastic jugs scissors permanent markers or stickers goldfish or guppy rocks Method: Cut a clean plastic jug in half. Wash off label. Decorate the “goldfish bowl” by drawing plants … View Full Lesson →