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  • Pumpkin Addition And Subtraction

    Math - Pumpkin Addition and Subtraction

    This is a great spare-time or centre activity for practising adding and subtracting.  The pumpkin faces are easy to make and program with the number sentences that you want students to practise.  Students may help … View Full Lesson →

  • Valentine's Day - Box O' Love

    Writing - Box o’ Love

    For a different spin on Valentine’s Day poetry, try this unique idea – have students make a Box o’ Love for a loved family member.  Using a covered cereal box, students decorate the box with … View Full Lesson →

  • Art Lesson - Picasso Portraits

    Art - Picasso Portraits

    This art activity will take two sessions to finish.  Once the paintings are finished, they need to dry before they are cut up into “Picasso Portraits”.  (This second session will not take long.)  In this … View Full Lesson →