Art Lesson Plan: Christmas Tree Ornament or Gift Tag

Christmas Tree Ornament Art
Christmas Tree Ornament Art

Have students practise reusing old Christmas cards, bits of yarn or ribbon, and frozen juice lids to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. The only thing you need to add are the small doilies and the glitter.  These can also be used (without the hanger) as gorgeous gift tags.


  1. practise reusing old Christmas cards, bits of yarn or ribbon, and metal frozen juice lids
  2. creating tree ornaments or gift tags from reused materials
  3. tracing small circular pictures from Christmas cards using a juice lid


  1. metal frozen juice lids
  2. bits of yarn or ribbon for a hanger
  3. black fine tipped marker for adding name and date on lid (back of ornament) or to write “To…..  From….” on the card circle (front of gift tag)
  4. glue gun and glue sticks (adult does this)
  5. small white doilies (4-4 1/2 “)
  6. glitter and white glue
  7. old Christmas cards to cut out small circles


  1. Use frozen juice metal lid to trace a circle around a picture on an old Christmas card.  Cut out the picture.
  2. Glue the small white doily on the metal lid.
  3. Glue the circular picture that you cut from the Christmas card, onto the doily.
  4. Dab small dots of white glue on the doily, around the outside of the card picture.  Sprinkle with glitter.
  5. Have adult glue 4 inch piece of yarn or ribbon on back of tree ornament.  (If this is to be a gift tag, skip this step. )
  6. For tree ornament, student prints their name and the year on the metal lid.  For gift tag, print “To…………….  From……………….” around the picture in front.

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