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  • Art - Twig Picture Frame

    Materials: box cardboard for picture backing and to anchor frame to twigs and flowers and nuts (optional) to use as border frame white glue scissors TEACHER or PARENT uses hot glue gun to glue a … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Magazine Holder

    Learning Objectives: Practise the 3R’s of recycling, reusing, reducing materials Create something useful by reusing materials Materials: large cereal or detergent box re-use gift wrap, wallpaper, latex paint, fabric white glue, if needed ruler Method: … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Coasters

    Objectives: reuse bits of leftover yarn recycle plastic lids Materials: yarn scraps plastic snap-on lids from hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea white glue that dries clear and waterproof scissors Method: Generously spread glue inside the … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Pop Bottle Terrarium

    Materials two- 2L clear pop bottles pebbles for drainage, then sand layer and crushed charcoal briquettes for freshness, the 1-2 inches of soil “cuttings” from houseplants like philodendron and ivy or baby shoots from plants. … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Goldfish Bowl

    Objectives: Responsibility for pets Materials: Gallon plastic jugs scissors permanent markers or stickers goldfish or guppy rocks Method: Cut a clean plastic jug in half. Wash off label. Decorate the “goldfish bowl” by drawing plants … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Tin Can Stilt Walkers

    Materials: 2 cans same size (48 oz. tomato/apple juice cans) Have parents cut off one end and rinse out can. punch-type can opener to make 2 holes below the rim, straight across from each other … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Handprinted Card

    Materials: pencil eraser black paint or black-inked stamp pad fine-tip black pen fold 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper into 4 OR re-use end pieces of white bristolboard, folded in half OR pieces of white cardboard … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Bird Feeders

    Materials: 1L or 2L milk cartons OR gallon plastic milk/juice jugs 1-2 feet of string, wire, leather strip to hang feeder 12 inch stick or dowel (small piece of found tree branch is fine) scissors … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Pencil Holder

    Materials: soup or juice can, one end cut off, CAREFUL no sharp edges white glue that dries clear and waterproof spray paint (use outside) decorations: scrap magazines for pictures mom or dad would like, yarn, … View Full Lesson →

  • Bread Bag Closures Patterning

    Math - Bread Bag Tabs: Patterning

    Easy and fun way to teach patterning, showing colour, position, and direction. Coloured bread tabs are placed on a line drawn on a strip of paper, glued on, above, and under line, with the tab opening facing right, left, up or down. By repeating their patterns, students can see that their pattern is correct. Amazing to see their complex patterns evolve. View Full Lesson →