Art Lesson Plan: Magazine Holder

Learning Objectives:

  1. Practise the 3R’s of recycling, reusing, reducing materials
  2. Create something useful by reusing materials


  1. large cereal or detergent box
  2. re-use gift wrap, wallpaper, latex paint, fabric
  3. white glue, if needed
  4. ruler


  1. Use the ruler to cut both the wide sides of the box at a diagonal angle (like a magazine rack) and to cut down one narrow edge of the box to a 4-inch height. To do this, you will measure 4 inch up from the bottom of the narrow side, drawing a line straight across. Then draw a line from that corner, on a diagonal angle up to the top corner on the widest side of the box, and then cut the other wide side at the same diagonal angle.
  2. Paint box outside on newspaper, or cut paper or fabric and glue on box. Overlap the paper or fabric inside the box so the edges look neat and won’t peel off with use. ***Stress RE-USING the box and materials to make something new and useful.***

This project is one of Ten Easy Environmentally-Friendly Arts and Crafts Projects:

  1. Coasters: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  2. Pencil Holder: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  3. Magazine Holder: for siblings, friends, parents
  4. Shell Butterfly Magnet/Brooch/Barrette: for siblings, friends, parents… (symmetry)
  5. Bird Feeders: for anyone
  6. Twig Picture Frame: for anyone
  7. Handprinted Card: for anyone
  8. Tin Can Stilt Walkers: for anyone
  9. Goldfish Bowl: for anyone
  10. Pop Bottle Terrarium: for anyone

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