Art Lesson Plan: Piet Mondrian Art

Piet Mondrian ArtObjective:

  1. Learning about artists and imitating their work
  2. Using primary colours
  3. reviewing squares and rectangles (remind students that squares ARE rectangles, but rectangles CANNOT be squares)


  1. 8 1/2″ X 11″ white paper for each student
  2. electrician’s black tape
  3. scissors
  4. primary colours of paint (red, blue, yellow) for each student grouping
  5. paintbrushes for students
  6. newspaper to cover desks


  1. Before lesson, teacher or assistant needs to apply black tape in horizontal and vertical lines, creating different size squares and rectangles on each student’s paper. (older students do this step themselves)
  2. Teacher shows students pictures of Piet Mondrian’s art (you can find it easily on the internet).  Tell them a little bit about him and the colours he used.  Tell them that we will be using primary colours today.
  3. Students work in small groups, with 4-6 desks moved together, covered in newspaper.  Put 4-6 (one for each) prepared papers at each group of desks.  Students can choose which one they would like to do.  Have them put their names on the back lightly in pencil, or, if you wish, on the front like a real artist.
  4. Paint an example piece of art to show them, not all shapes are filled in, two reds are not together, but there might be a red, then a blue, yellow and a white blank square, then a red up top, like Mondrian’s work.  Tell students to take care not to paint on the black lines.  If they do, they can use damp paper towels to wipe it off.
  5. Post students’ artwork on the bulletin board with a short description of Piet Mondrian, the man and a short description of his art.  These artworks by the students WILL BE MASTERPIECES.  They are so beautiful.  My classes have received many compliments on their beautiful work.

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  1. Very helpful lesson plans Thank you so much.
    I am from Saudi Arabia teaching Art in an international school.Today I have used two of your lesson plans
    and I find them really awesome. Thanks a million.

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