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  • Domino Adding

    Math - Domino Adding

    A fun way to practise adding numbers to 12.  Using the familiar picture patterns of dominoes, students match ends of two paper dominoes, saying “3 plus 6 equals 9”.  Teacher models reusing photocopy paper, cutting … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Bingo Dabbing By 5′s

    Prerequisite: Previous experience counting by 5’s Objective: counting by 5’s to 100 (for grade 1’s) counting by 5’s to 200 (for grade 2’s) Materials: One bingo dabber for each student Recycled paper, like once used … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Learning Even and Odd Numbers

    Prerequisite: Students have learned about skipcounting.  eg. You can start at ANY number, skip three, circle that number, skip three, circle that number, skip three, etc. Students know about digits and that the number 10 has … View Full Lesson →