Math Lesson Plan: Line Hunt


  1. To learn diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines.


  1. Old books, magazines, newspapers, enough for class
  2. scissors for each student
  3. student’s math journal (use 2 open-facing pages labelled Horizontal lines, the next 2 open-facing pages labelled Diagonal lines, and the next 2 open-facing pages labelled Vertical lines
  4. glue for each student
  5. chart paper and marker, to list examples of each type of line, and draw pictures.


  1. Work with students to examples on the chart paper of each type of line.
  2. Have students choose one example for each and draw in their journal.  Now, have students take a flyer or magazine and look for examples of lines.  Have them cut and glue in new examples, highlighting the line in the picture, with a marker.  Fill in the 2 pages allotted for each line.
  3. When students are finished, come together in a learning circle and have them share their ideas with the class.  Record your findings about students’ knowledge of lines.

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