Physical Education Lesson Plan: Fortune Cookies


  1. warm ups at beginning of gym
  2. cool downs at end of gym
  3. review use of gym equipment
  4. practise reading instructions (of familiar gym activities)


  1. scraps of paper or index cards, folded with activity instructions (call these fortune cookies)


    At beginning or end of gym session, students assemble in a circle in the centre of the gym, with fortune cookies dumped in the middle of the circle.  Student of the day gets to choose the first fortune cookie activity and read it for his/her classmates to do.  If needed, his/her friends can help him/her read it, or the teacher may help as well.  He/she gets to choose the next person to choose the second fortune cookie.  We do as many as we have time for in 5-10 minutes.

    FORTUNE COOKIES examples:

    1. Do 10 jumping jacks in each corner of the gym then come back to circle.
    2. Run the length of the gym, touching both walls, then come back to circle.
    3. Crab walk the width of the gym, touching both walls, then come back to circle.
    4. Do 5 pushups, then sit down.
    5. Hop 10 times on your right foot, then 10 times on your left foot.
    6. Skip 10 times frontwards, then 10 times backwards.
    7. Run in a circle around the gym 2 times.
    8. Find a partner, hook your arms together so you are back to back and walk 10 steps one way and 10 steps another way.
    9. Take a soccer ball and dribble it to one end of the gym and back to the circle.
    10. Get a partner and one scooter and take turns pushing each other to one end of the gym, then switch and come back.

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