Physical Education Lesson Plan: Mummy Ball


  1. soft tossing ball eg. Nerf,  Koosh ball, Aviva foam baseball


  1. practising tossing and catching different size balls
  2. learning fair play (see rules in method)
  3. independent decision making (see rules in method)

Class Management:

  1. keep students quiet and busy while I get gym equipment out to use
  2. they’re all in one circle so I can keep my eye on them


  1. students become mummies (i.e. NO talking)
  2. students get in a circle and toss ball gently to each other, only tossing to someone who is watching you and has their hands in front of them ready to catch the ball.  Everyone stays focussed because they want a turn and they want to see the decisions that the other students make when they make a poor toss or catch.
  3. when you’ve had a turn, your hands go behind your back and you cannot receive another catch, until everyone has had a turn.
  4. If everyone has their hands behind their backs, then everyone can bring their hands to the front, and/or stand up, and get another turn, but this has never happened because I usually have the equipment out by then.


  1. toss gently to someone who is looking at you
  2. if you think you made a bad throw, you can decide to sit down
  3. if you think you made a bad catch, you can decide to sit down
  4. no one can make you sit down but YOU. Students DO NOT make faces or try to force someone to sit.  Every student makes his/her own decision to sit or not.
  5. if the ball gets away, one person goes and gets it, then game continues
  6. hands go behind your back after you have caught and thrown the ball once.
  7. game continues until everyone is sitting down or teacher comes back to circle and everyone’s had a turn tossing the ball.

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