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  • In Flanders Fields

    Reading - In Flanders Fields by John McCrae

    I have had my class memorize this poem, using hand and arm movements to “illustrate” the poem.  This makes it easy for them to remember the words and much more interesting to watch them recite … View Full Lesson →

  • Writing - Macaroni Quotation Marks

    This lesson is to help students remember HOW to make quotation marks and WHEN to use them.  It combines an artsy aspect that makes it a little more fun.  After gluing the quotes in order, … View Full Lesson →

  • Happy Rock

    Reading - Happy Rocks

    Students are given small, smooth stones with a happy face sticker stuck on one side.  It sits atop a poem, on their desk, on the first day of school.  Who doesn’t like to get a … View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Dolch Sight Word Booklet

    This sight word book helps students learn to find and read basic sight words. Words are practised daily at school and at home. Recognition test is done weekly. Includes Dolch 220 Basic Sight Word List and Dolch 95 Commonly Used Nouns List. View Full Lesson →

  • Reading - Acting Out Verbs

    Objective: Students identify “action” verbs in their reading. Students think of “active” creative movements for each one. Students get “active” and act out the verbs they find, helping them to remember that a verb is … View Full Lesson →

  • Physical Education - Fortune Cookies

    Objectives: warm ups at beginning of gym cool downs at end of gym review use of gym equipment practise reading instructions (of familiar gym activities)