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  • Making Cards Pieces

    Art - Print-Making Card Designs

    Here’s a great idea for easy print-making designs using pictures from magazines, pencils, and clean, washed styrofoam trays.  These easy to do prints make it easy to create beautiful greeting cards for birthdays, Mother’s Day, … View Full Lesson →

  • Christmas Potpourri Hangar Front

    Art - Christmas Potpourri Hangers

    This is a beautiful, useful Christmas craft.  Although this activity needs adult help for gluing, I have safely done this activity with grades 1 and 2.  We collect clean metal lids and bits of ribbon … View Full Lesson →

  • Christmas Rudolph Art

    Art - Christmas Rudolph

    Have students make a Christmas Rudolph that mom or dad will love to keep forever.  Students trace their foot for the face and trace their hands for the antlers.  Big brown eyes and a giant … View Full Lesson →

  • Christmas Tree Ornament Art

    Art - Christmas Tree Ornament or Gift Tag

    Have students practise reusing old Christmas cards, bits of yarn or ribbon, and frozen juice lids to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. The only thing you need to add are the small doilies and the … View Full Lesson →

  • Butterfly Magnet

    Math - Butterfly Magnet

    This painting activity helps reinforce the concept of symmetry while creating a useful gift from a empty pop bottle.  Butterflies can be used to hold pictures and lists on the fridge or can decorate the … View Full Lesson →

  • Writing - Macaroni Quotation Marks

    This lesson is to help students remember HOW to make quotation marks and WHEN to use them.  It combines an artsy aspect that makes it a little more fun.  After gluing the quotes in order, … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Coasters

    Objectives: reuse bits of leftover yarn recycle plastic lids Materials: yarn scraps plastic snap-on lids from hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea white glue that dries clear and waterproof scissors Method: Generously spread glue inside the … View Full Lesson →

  • Art - Pencil Holder

    Materials: soup or juice can, one end cut off, CAREFUL no sharp edges white glue that dries clear and waterproof spray paint (use outside) decorations: scrap magazines for pictures mom or dad would like, yarn, … View Full Lesson →