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  • Valentine's Day - Gift Vouchers Cover

    Writing - Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers

    Staple some envelopes together to make a booklet with “pockets” to place Valentine gift vouchers.  Great idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day as well.  Students come up with ideas for helping around … View Full Lesson →

  • Name Art

    Art - Name Art

    Practise using rulers to make straight lines…horizontal, vertical and diagonal in this pretty art activity.  Students use rulers and pastels to make their NAME a thing of linear beauty…literally!  Pastel coloring reinforces their knowledge of … View Full Lesson →

  • Math - Fraction Fruit

    Objective: Learn fraction concepts tasting fruit students have never tried before, easier when your friends are trying them too  (get signed permission from parents about students eating fruit, regarding allergies, etc.) review of Canada’s Food Guide … View Full Lesson →

  • Spelling - Fly Swatter Spelling

    Objective: Learn spelling words

  • Health and Nutrition - Nutrition Plates

    Objective: Identify healthy eating choices from Food Guide Write a description of a healthy meal, including at least one choice from each of the four Food Groups Learn 4 food groups (vegetables and fruit; grain products; milk … View Full Lesson →

  • Writing - Handprint Adjective Booklet

    A hand-shaped booklet is made entitled “What is in my hand?” Students describe items glued or taped on each page, “I have a spider in my hand. How does it feel? It feels…” Adjectives are written on fingertips, “soft, tickley, creepy, light, furry”. View Full Lesson →

  • Writing - Sea to Sky Adjectives Booklet

    Different layers in this book show adjectives from the sky, clouds, grass, ground to the water, creating a colourful picture of the world. View Full Lesson →

  • Art - C. M. Russell Art: Western Sunsets

    A beautiful sunset picture is created with paints, as a background for a simple black silhouette of mountains, trees, cactus, with perhaps a barn and cowboys. Easy art with gorgeous results for young students. View Full Lesson →