Writing Lesson Plan: Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers

Valentine's Day - Gift Vouchers Cover
Valentine's Day - Gift Vouchers Cover

Staple some envelopes together to make a booklet with “pockets” to place Valentine gift vouchers.  Great idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day as well.  Students come up with ideas for helping around the house, then design the voucher, placing each in a specially-designed pocket in this thoughtful booklet to be given to a lucky recipient on a special day.  What a thoughtful gift, from the heart!

Valentine's Day - Gift Vouchers Inside
Valentine's Day - Gift Vouchers Inside


  1. making thoughtful, inexpensive gift for mom, dad, grandparents, etc.
  2. 3 r’s:  reusing those envelopes that come in junk mail and with monthly bills
  3. Learning to write questions.
  4. Printing complete sentences.


  1. at least 4 envelopes per student, re-use old envelopes by cutting off the top and cutting a V-opening (see photo) on back side of envelope where the voucher will go in (back of envelopes face front for booklet).  You can also reuse envelopes  from junk mail or monthly billings (cut off tops so they can’t be sealed). ***Fold left side over 1/2″ so that student’s remember not to use this margin which will be stapled.
  2. 4 1/4″ X 9″ scrap colored cardboard front and back cover pages, two for each student (re-use bristolboard scraps); ***Fold left side over 1/2″ so that student’s don’t use this margin, which will be stapled.
  3. stapler and staples
  4. 2 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ scrap paper, cut in small rectangles, to fit into envelopes, in variety of colors (smaller scrap white pieces of paper can be mounted on top of the colored sheets for a pretty framed effect – see photo)
  5. pencil, eraser, ruler
  6. crayons, markers, pencil crayons to decorate vouchers and envelopes
  7. Chart board


  1. Before lesson, cut off tops of all envelopes, so they cannot be sealed shut.
  2. Hand out at least 4 envelopes and 4 slips of paper to each student, plus a cardboard cover page.  ***Tell students that the folded side goes on the LEFT side and not to print in that small area because it will be stapled shut; this is where their booklet will be joined together.
  3. Tell students we will be making gift vouchers for mom or dad or grandma and grandpa.  Brainstorm ideas of things students are willing to do to help out around the house.  See Voucher Idea Lists below (for younger and older students).  Ideas must be appropriate for student’s age, both in duration and difficulty, always keeping safety in mind.
  4. Students neatly print their voucher, then place inside an envelope.  The envelope will ask a question and the voucher will provide a solution (not quite an answer).  Explain the difference.  Vouchers and envelopes may be decorated.  The outside of the envelope might say….”Are you tired of seeing a messy bed?”  Inside, the voucher would say “This voucher is good for making one messy bed.”  (The answer to the question is “yes” or “no”.)  Other questions might be:  Is the grass getting long?  Do you have a dirty car?  Would you like someone to make you breakfast?  Questions can be printed on the chart board for younger students to copy.
  5. The class needs to brainstorm ideas for the cover of their booklet.  Each student may print their own version.  The cover of the Susan’s voucher booklet might say:  Grandma’s Valentine Vouchers, lovingly supplied by Susan.  Peter’s booklet might say:  Dad’s Valentine’s Day Voucher Booklet, specially made by Peter.  See Booklet Titles below.
  6. When all vouchers, envelopes, and cover page are complete, teacher staples pages together, checking work for spelling and neatness.

Voucher Idea List (for younger students):

  1. vacuum living room
  2. make one bed
  3. put all their dirty clothes in hamper
  4. put their toys away in family room or bedroom
  5. feed the pets
  6. set the table for one meal
  7. fold the towels
  8. put out breakfast on table (cereal, bowls, spoons, cups, juice container)
  9. help wash the family car
  10. help to shovel the snow with mom or dad or grandma or grandpa
  11. help wash windows and mirrors inside with adult helper
  12. brush the dog or cat

Voucher Idea List (for older students):

  1. do one load of laundry, washer and dryer
  2. take the dog for a walk
  3. empty the dishwasher
  4. fill the dishwasher for one day
  5. “buss” the table (clean off dishes) after one meal
  6. make breakfast (cereal, juice, toast, or pancakes, french toast)
  7. vacuum living room
  8. take out the garbage
  9. wash the family car
  10. vacuum inside the family car
  11. cut the grass in the front yard or back yard
  12. shovel the sidewalk or driveway
  13. bath the cat or dog
  14. brush the cat or dog
  15. pick up dog messes from the back yard
  16. make supper (pizza, hot dogs, spaghetti, BBQ)

Booklet Titles:

  1. Grandma’s Valentine Vouchers                         Lovingly supplied by Susan.
  2. Dad’s Valentine’s Day Voucher Booklet          Specially made by Peter.
  3. Mommy’s Valentine Vouchers                           Made just for you by Sidney.
  4. Special Valentine Day Gift Vouchers               Created by Brandon.

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