Writing Lesson Plan: Valentine’s Day Booklet

Valentine's Day Booklet Cover
Valentine's Day Booklet Cover

This heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Booklet is written especially for mom or dad, grandma or grandpa.  Pages are written and illustrated with lines like “Flowers love the sun./ Dogs love walks./Children love candy”, etc. with the last page saying “but not as much as I LOVE YOU!”  Hand-drawn pictures decorate all pages.  A great keepsake for loved ones.  **Older students may write more elaborate verses on each page.


  1. writing:  printing neatly
  2. printing sentences
  3. creating a gift for loved one
  4. drawing corresponding pictures
Valentine's Day Booklet Inside
Valentine's Day Booklet Inside


  1. For grades 1 and 2, BEFORE lesson, I prepare heart-shaped books, filled with about 4 heart-shaped lined pages (pages can be added to booklet).  Front and back covers are thicker paper stock, and pages are lined workbook pages with lines at the bottom and blank space at the top for pictures.  Booklets have two-staple spines along the left side.  Students need to ensure that booklet opens at the right, like normal books.
  2. For each student:  pencils, erasers, crayons or pencil crayons  (NOT markers because they “bleed” through pages, making it difficult to read the reverse page.)
  3. chart paper and markers, for brainstorming ideas
  4. rulers, for drawing lines on outside and inside covers for neat printing


  1. Before lesson, booklets are made for each student.  I assemble and staple them with 4 pages, but I encourage students to write more pages, then I add them in later.
  2. When we begin, I tell students that they will be writing and illustrating their own book.  I might show them a Robert Munsch book and remind them that he wrote it, then show them Michael Martchenko’s picture and remind them that he drew all the pictures for the book.  In their valentine’s day book, THEY will be the author AND the illustrator.  I’ll remind them that they need to add:  “Written and Illustrated by____” on their book.
  3. I’ll show them a book with a dedication on it.  They will need to dedicate their book to mom or dad, grandma or grandpa.  As well, they will give them the only book printed, a one of a kind copy…a very special book!
  4. Then we brainstorm ideas on the chart paper.  I write ideas down in marker.  ” Flowers love the sun./ Teachers love apples./ Dogs love walks./ Cookies love milk./ Bees love honey./ Dancers love music./ Mice love cheese./ Children love candy,/ but not as much as I LOVE YOU. (on last page)”  I remind them that they need to illustrate EVERY page, so they need to be able to draw a corresponding picture.
  5. My classroom has many easy step-by-step drawing books available for students who say they “can’t draw”.  On Fridays, we always take a little time to learn how to draw this or that…student’s choice, so during the year, students’ drawing skills are constantly improving.  These books are available for use anytime.  Here’s a good example:  “You Can Draw Cartoon Animals: A simple step-by-step drawing guide!

These valentine books turn out beautifully and my students always add more pages to them.  A few students get very carried away with this idea and do Level 4 work.  Excellent!

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