Art Lesson Plan: Goldfish Bowl


  1. Responsibility for pets


  1. Gallon plastic jugs
  2. scissors
  3. permanent markers or stickers
  4. goldfish or guppy
  5. rocks


  1. Cut a clean plastic jug in half. Wash off label.
  2. Decorate the “goldfish bowl” by drawing plants or fish designs with coloured permanent markers and stickers on the outside only. Boil water and pour over rocks. Dump water. Cool rocks. Add to bottom of jug.
  3. Fill jug with water and let sit overnight to evaporate chlorine.
  4. Only put one goldfish or guppy in this small bowl. Feed daily with very small amount of fish food. Too much will make the water murky.
  5. Change water every 2 days, letting the water sit in a clean jug or bowl overnight before using. To change water, dump water from bowl in sink with closed drain, pouring fish with some old water into a cup, so you can wash out the goldfish bowl, then add the clean water that has sat out for 24 hours, then put fish back in bowl. Temperature of the new water should be the same as his old water that he is in in the cup. If your fish gulps at the surface for air, or the water is murky from too much food, it is time to change the water. You can also buy drops to add to water so that you can immediately use the water.

This project is one of Ten Easy Environmentally-Friendly Arts and Crafts Projects:

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  9. Goldfish Bowl: for anyone
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