Art Lesson Plan: Shell Butterfly Magnet/Brooch/Barrette


  1. to learn and practise symmetry (math)
  2. to learn about camouflage


  1. pairs of shells, don’t have to be joined: mussel, clam, oyster OR nut shells (try to re-use)
  2. antennae: twigs, broom straws, pipe cleaner ends
  3. re-use giveaway magnets from home shows, pizza/car/other businesses, barrettes where one is lost, or decoration is missing from it, or re-use old jewellery brooch backings.
  4. butterfly pictures


  1. Look at pictures of moths and butterflies. Notice how the wings patterns are identical (symmetrical). Look at the patterns and colours. The butterflies are brightly patterned to blend in (camouflage) with the bright flowers they feed on. Moths are dark patterned to match tree bark and blend in.
  2. Paint or decorate shells like butterfly wings, so that both sides are alike (symmetrical).
  3. Attach antennae to top of shells.
  4. Glue shells onto magnets or barrettes or brooch backings so they resemble butterflies.***Stress RE-USING old or found materials to make something new and useful.***

This project is one of Ten Easy Environmentally-Friendly Arts and Crafts Projects:

  1. Coasters: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  2. Pencil Holder: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  3. Magazine Holder: for siblings, friends, parents
  4. Shell Butterfly Magnet/Brooch/Barrette: for siblings, friends, parents… (symmetry)
  5. Bird Feeders: for anyone
  6. Twig Picture Frame: for anyone
  7. Handprinted Card: for anyone
  8. Tin Can Stilt Walkers: for anyone
  9. Goldfish Bowl: for anyone
  10. Pop Bottle Terrarium: for anyone

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