Art Lesson Plan: Pencil Holder


  1. soup or juice can, one end cut off, CAREFUL no sharp edges
  2. white glue that dries clear and waterproof
  3. spray paint (use outside)
  4. decorations: scrap magazines for pictures mom or dad would like, yarn, magazines, flowers


  1. spray cans solid colour or cover with glue for decoupaging with scented fresh grasses, magazine pictures, wallpaper, or yarn.
  2. Decoupage with flowers/puppies/kittens cut from magazines for mom or car/motorcycle/bike photos for dad. Re-use gift wrap, yarn, magazine pictures, fresh lavender or scented plants (will shrink tightly around can after drying). Even the painted cans can have one or two flower or car photos added. ***Stress RE-USING to students (to make something new and useful)…you can re-use magazines for pictures, re-use outdated wallpaper samples from paint stores, re-use leftover yarn and material from parents and grandparents, and re-use soup and juice cans. ***

This project is one of Ten Easy Environmentally-Friendly Arts and Crafts Projects:

  1. Coasters: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  2. Pencil Holder: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  3. Magazine Holder: for siblings, friends, parents
  4. Shell Butterfly Magnet/Brooch/Barrette: for siblings, friends, parents… (symmetry)
  5. Bird Feeders: for anyone
  6. Twig Picture Frame: for anyone
  7. Handprinted Card: for anyone
  8. Tin Can Stilt Walkers: for anyone
  9. Goldfish Bowl: for anyone
  10. Pop Bottle Terrarium: for anyone

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