Spelling Lesson Plan: Spelling Race


  1. learn spelling words


  1. scrap paper cut or ripped into 2-3″ squares, each with a different letter on it, one letter for each of the spelling words (eg. for the word “any”, the student or teacher would print “a” on one square, “n” on another square, and “y” on the third square), so ALL SPELLING WORDS HAVE EACH LETTER PRINTED ON SEPARATE LITTLE SQUARES.
  2. Sanford Mr. Sketch Scented water colour markers (I use one color for each weeks’ words, then put them in a centre after the game is over so students can “build” their words in free time. ) The same colour must be used for all the words, because otherwise students find all the pink letters and make the word “any”, then all the green letters and make the word “they”, etc.  All letters must be one color.


  1. Special student of the day is one team captain, and he/she chooses another student to be the second team captain.  Students are numbered 1,2, 1, 2, 1, 2 and go behind each team captain so two teams are formed.
  2. Students can help teacher print each letter for each spelling word on the papers.
  3. Two sets of letters must be made because each team needs a set to “build” each word.
  4. One set of letters for all the spelling words is placed on a pile on a desk or floor near the left front of the room.
  5. The other set of letters for all the spelling words is placed on a pile on a desk or floor near the right front of the room.
  6. Both teams are at the back of the classroom, one team at the back right and one team on the back left.
  7. When teacher says go, the two teams race to their pile of letters and “build” the word the teacher gives them.  Example:  “Build the word “any” . Any one can win this race.  Go.”  I use the word in a sentence as well.  Student teams race to the front and everyone finds the letters “a” , “n”, and “y”, then put them in the correct order, then sit down.
  8. The team who has the correct spelling and has sat down first, wins one point.
  9. Each captain records their score on the front blackboard.
  10. Each team can choose a team name as well.
  11. Teams go the back of the room after the score has been recorded, and await the next word to build.

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